shhhhh: Sound Bath @ the 'Integraton'

Deep relaxation in my first sound bath at the 'Integraton'. An acoustically perfect, multi-wave sound chamber constructed from wood. The musician plays 14 quartz crystal singing bowls which are keyed to the energy centers of the body. At the start of the session the participants were advised to remain silent. During the  60 minute experience, it felt like the sound waves were traveling through my body, rattling at my rib cage and swirling around my sinuses. It was a very relaxing experience.

The 'Integraton' was created by George Von Tessel, an aeronautical engineer who worked as a test pilot for Howard Hughes.  Von Tessel was one of the founders of the UFO movement who organised 'Spacecraft Conventions' at Giant Rock. The inspiration for the construction of the domes structure came from UFO contacts and ideas from Nikola Tesla.