BFLG Best Friends Learning Gang: Workshop on Telepathy

'How a Man may with Privacy and Speed communicate his thoughts to a friend at any distance.'

MERCURY or The Secret And Swift Messenger  - John Wilkins 1694

The BFLG will host a 3 hour Amateur Hour on Telepathy as part of our new JUNK SCIENCE series. These workshops are meant to invert the scientific method by undertaking experiments that have far too many variables and no control. If the scientific method tries to prove the existence and qualities of repeatable phenomena, the BFLG Junk Science process plays with the irreducible and anomalous. For this workshop we will make DIY EEG (electroencephalogram) headwear and use it to monitor each other’s brain activity as we attempt to communicate telepathically. Come help us test a bunch of telepathic activities and invent our own!